Tips for a smooth move in Ottawa

You should create a packing checklist before you start to stay organized. As you prepare for the big day, the following things will become necessary for a move.

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  • Boxes. When it comes to packing, these should come first. It can be easier to organize your home if the items there come in various sizes.
  • Tape. You should use a strong adhesive to seal boxes, bubble wrap fragile items, and more.
  • A set of practical scissors. Utility knives can be used to cut a wide range of materials. 
  • Marker. Remembering which objects went in which box is important.
  • Plastic bag. You can put in non-perishable food items and smaller objects like spoons or forks.
  • Blankets. You can protect mirrors and other breakable things with blankets.
  • Newspaper and/or bubble wrap. Packaging kitchenware like cups and dishes, blankets, bubble wrap, or newspaper can be useful.

Packing Tips for a smooth move

While packing can be stressful, getting ready to move into a new house can be exciting and joyful. Knowing what to pack and which room to start with might take a lot of work. Look at this! We made this list for you.

Packing A Kitchen Or Pantry

  • Before packing, empty and clean all kitchen appliances (coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc.). Place the cords inside the appliance after wrapping them in a plastic bag.
  • If you have them, pack appliances in their original packaging.
  • Place all breakable goods in a box marked “FRAGILE.”
  • Use bubble wrap for smaller dishes and save them from breaking.

Packing A Living Or Family Room

  • Lamps and light bulbs should be taken out of chandeliers and wrapped separately.
  • Keep any photos or videos with you during your move because hot, humid weather can damage photo paper.
  • Wrap paintings and mirrors in blankets and towels.
  • Use the original packaging and boxes to repack any devices, such as televisions, if you still have them.

Packing A Bedroom

  • Place hanging clothing in boxes or moving containers with the hangers still hooked up.
  • Jewelry and other priceless items should be kept in a safe case or box. Keeping them with you is better than in the moving van.
  • You can pack quickly by putting loose items in suitcases or travel bags.
  • Put the shoes in their original boxes or inside larger boxes.
  • Cover couches and furniture with old sheets and blankets.
  • Place all pillows and bedding in labeled moving boxes after placing them in trash bags to keep dust out.

Packing A Bathroom

  • Try to pack your toiletry items last.
  • Make sure all toiletries are packed in plastic bags to prevent leaks.
  • Medication boxes should be labeled and packed individually.

Moving Tips for a smooth move

First and foremost, if possible, move on a weekday. It is unquestionably less crowded and will most likely cost you less. Because we charge by the hour, an organized house means a less difficult job for the moving companies and a lower cost for you. Inform movers of the location of your fragile items.  Even if you have stickers on the boxes, they may be obscured by the contents. We will make every effort to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Stack the bags and boxes in one of the areas of the house.

Allow enough space for the moving crew to move around when they arrive. Sit back and unwind; the job will be completed in no time!

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